Dark Skies, Bright Heavens Dark Skies, Bright Heavens

Dark Skies, Bright Heavens is an enormous fanfic I am writing.
It is a story about Haruka and Michiru, set during the anime.
The story will detail their lives, from before birth to the end of
Stars. I am going to incorporate all the episodic events, plus a
great deal more. I've created families for them as well.

Here's some spoiler stuff:

Family Info              Teaser    
Haruka's "family tree"               Michiru's "family tree"

Interested in being a pre-reader? Go here to find out the details.
Be prepared to read a lot and comment on the story as well as
offer corrections as needed.

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The beautiful picture on the right was drawn by one my prereaders, Soraya Jaojaroenkul, and is based upon a scene appearing in the story.

Haruka holding Michiru from behind; by Soraya Jaojaroenkul