Chibi-Usa grew up in the future, in a place called Crystal Tokyo, ruled by her mother, Neo-Queen Serenity, and her father, King Endymion [Usagi and Mamoru's future selves.] She had a pet kitten, Diana, the daughter of Artemis and Luna, and was good friends with Sailor Pluto, whom she called "Puu." When she was still young, the Black Moon family attacked Earth, and Serenity had to be sealed in crystal, her father's projection roaming the palace, while the Inner Senshi kept a forcefield up to protect the queen. Chibi-Usa was sent into the past with her toy companion, Luna-P, to retrieve the ginzuishou to save her mother. She didn't know that Usagi was her mother's past self, or that Serenity had once been Sailormoon. She hypnotized the Tsukino family, except for Usagi, into believing she was their niece there for a visit. She constantly tried to win Mamoru's affections, not realizing he was her father. The Black Moon family went back to the past, also, to corrupt the city and to keep Chibi-Usa from finding the ginzuishou so they could take it for themselves. Chibi-Usa found out she actually had the ginzuishou that existed in the future within her, and found out who her parents were once. She ended up being kidnapped by the Black Moon family and Wiseman (their leader) turned her into an evil adult named Black Lady, whom the Senshi healed and returned to her normal form. Together with Usagi in her Princess Serenity form, destroyed Wiseman and returned to the future, where her parents were awakened. She later returned to the past to train to be a Sailor Senshi, and later her pet kitten joins her.

In both the anime and the manga, Chibi-Usa is the youngest Senshi and one of the least powerful. She's immature, whiny, and desperate for attention, and believes herself to be unloved by her parents, which Wiseman uses to his advantage. She has known Pluto a long time and communicates with her through Luna-P, and confides in Diana after she is sent to the past as well. She and Usagi are almost always at each other's throats, and are eerily similar in behavior, even sharing a birthday. She becomes best friends with Hotaru after returning to the past for training.

In the anime, Chibi-Usa is just a little girl (except when she becomes Black Lady) and doesn't have much interaction with her friend Pluto.

In the manga, Chibi-Usa is over 900 years old (!) even though she has the appearance and behavior of a little girl. She sees Pluto much more often.

Chibi-Usa has pastel pink hair, worn in a style similar to Usagi's; her buns are more cone shaped, however, and the tails puff out more. Her eyes are bright red. She's the shortest Senshi, obviously since she's the youngest. She dresses in typical little girls' clothes.

As Chibi-Moon, she seems to only have attacks that annoy people, or assist Sailormoon in using her powers. Her fuku is pink with red bows, and in super form, in has yellow stripes as well; shading from pink to yellow in the manga. Her shoes are pink boots modeled after Moon's. Her collar has the same stripes as Moon's.

My Opinion:

*Twitch, twitch* Can you say "annoying little brat"? I thought so. She's very cool as Black Lady, but otherwise... bleccch! She doesn't seem so bad in SuperS (though there is a bit of an overdose of her sometimes)
but after several minutes of her, I'm ready to scream. Why couldn't she just stay Black Lady? ;_;


Senshi Name: Sailorchibimoon
Real Name: Usagi "Chibi-Usa" Tsukino
Meaning of Name: Chibi-Usa = "Small rabbit" or "midget rabbit"; Tsukino = "On the moon"
First Appearance (anime): Episode 60
First Appearance (manga): Act 14
Aura color: Bright pink
Favorite colors: Pink, red
Birthday: June 30
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood type: O
Lives with: The Tsukino family
Favorite Food: Pudding
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Hobbies: Collecting rabbit merchandise
School: ???
Favorite Subject: Drawing
Least Favorite Subject:Languages
Seiyuu: Araki Kae