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Fan sites
Dee's Death Gate Cycle Tribute (English) Brama Smierci (Polish) [website down but archived]
Book credits
Authors: Margaret Weis [site] and Tracy Hickman [site] Covers 1-5: Keith Parkinson [site] Covers 6-7: Stephen Youll [site] Hardcover book designs: Robin Hessel-Hoffman(n) Hardcover jacket designs 3-7: Jamie S. Warren Youll Illustrations for book 5: Tom Canty [site] Maps/technical art: Jeffrey L. Ward Music composer: Janet Pack [site] Music lyrics: Kevin T. Stein Publisher: Bantam Books [site]
Game credits
Game design and programming: Glen Dahlgren Additional game programming: Chip Kerchner System design: Duane Beck, Michael Lindner, Mark Poesch [site], Mike Verdu System programming: Duane Beck, Chip Kerchner, Mark Poesch [site] Graphics system: Mark Poesch [site] Dialog system: Duane Beck Audio Interface Library 3.0: Miles Design Inc. [site] Art, music, and audio direction: Glen Dahlgren Room art: David Cherry, Fred Devita, and Kinetic Arts (Cindy Kovalck, Peter Calabria, Robert Wisnewski, John Carbone, and Tanya Isaacson) Character illustrations: Fred Devita Alternate interfaces: Doug Chezem [site], Paul Mock 2-D animation: Anne-Marie Cox, Peter Calabria, Paul Mock, Matt Scibilia [site], Charley Shenton 3-D animation: Anigrafix Music composition: Eric Heberling Additional music: Glen Dahlgren Music transcriptions: Eric Heberling Audio production: Kathleen Bober [site] Voice recording: Reuben Schmeuben Studio Sound effects: Duane Beck, Glen Dahlgren, Chip Kerchner Tester direction: Rosie Freeman Lead tester: Alyssa Verdu Testing: Ron Gibson, Jeremy Lam, Joven Malazo Additional testing: Jason Bestimt [site], Duane Beck, Chip & Sandy Kerchner, Michael Lindner, Mark Poesch [site], Ed Storozuk, Mike Verdu Package design and production: Peggy Oriani Production assistance: Rosie Freeman Game manual: Mike Verdu Cover painting: Keith Parkinson [site] Producer: Glen Dahlgren
Game voices
Haplo: David DeBoy [site] [IMDB] Lord Xar: Henry Strozier [IMDB] Jarre: Ilona Dulaski [site] Limbeck: Paul Skotarski [IMDB] Grawple Rockdigger: Jeff Baker [IMDB] Sleeping Dwarf: Gary Telles [IMDB] Duke Andrews: John Hansen [IMDB] King Stephen's Guard: Bob Supan [IMDB] King Stephen: Marty Lodge [IMDB] Elven Wizard: David Marsh Angry Elves: Gary Telles [IMDB] Street Rat: Andy Bowser [IMDB] Barkeep: John Dow [IMDB] Hugh the Hand: Gary Telles [IMDB] Tough: Jeff Baker [IMDB] Merchant: Michael Willis Cook: Ilona Dulaski [site] Elf Girl: Angela Calo [IMDB] Serving Girl: Mia Reeves [IMDB] Misc. Child: Andy Bowser [IMDB] Misc. Child: Angela Calo [IMDB] Elven Prince: Jason Kravits [IMDB] Human Princess: Ariana Brown Zifnab: Bob Supan [IMDB] Dwarf Girl: Mia Reeves [IMDB] Jethro: John Silvers [IMDB] Dead Butler: Gary Telles [IMDB] Dead Nanny: Ilona Dulaski [site] Kleitus' Guard: John Hansen [IMDB] Kleitus XIV: John Silvers [IMDB] Edmund: Christopher Walker [IMDB] Balthazar: Richard Bauer Gambler: David Marsh Dead Dwarf: Michael Willis Sang-drax: Glen Dahlgren Samah: John Dow [IMDB] New Councilman: Bob Supan [IMDB] Angry Councilman: Jeff Baker [IMDB] Headman: Marty Lodge [IMDB] Tracker: Michael Willis