Game Characters
Death Gate did not feature nearly as wide of a cast as The Death Gate Cycle, and it included a mix of new characters and adaptations of the book characters—albeit often with changed personalities and appearances. Many critical roles in the books are modified or entirely missing from the game. This page is a reference to the game's characters. Several were just referred to by titles rather than names and are listed accordingly.
Character illustrations by Fred Devita. Room art by David Cherry, Fred Devita, and Kinetic Arts (Cindy Kovalck, Peter Calabria, Robert Wisnewski, John Carbone, and Tanya Isaacson).

Creatures and Incarnations
Animal (on Pryan) [image]
Chaodyn [image 1] [2]
Dog [image 1] [2] [3] [4]
Dragon [see: Zifnab's pictures]
Sang-drax [image 1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
— "This time, you have no dog to save your soul." [sound] — "This is your rescue? A lifeform lower than yourself? I will give it this: the dog is certainly braver than you, Patryn. Perhaps the dog is wishing you a fond farewell? It knows what is about to happen." [sound] — "Thank you, Patryn, for painting such a vivid picture of all of the realms, including your own, that lovely place called the Labyrinth. Definitely a realm after my own heart. You see, I feed on fear and chaos, and I can't see a better way to produce such things than by allowing your lord to proceed with his plan. However, since you appear to have lost your nerve, I'll have to take your place. (as Haplo) Your lord trusts you, does he not? Especially when you're doing what he wants. I shall take your ship, go to the Nexus, and deliver this seal piece to him. I'm guessing that it will complete his collection. Then I shall lead him to the Vortex where he can perform the rite of Reformation. I'm so sorry you decided to turn against your lord. I'm sure that he doesn't view traitors in a very good light. I do hope that you won't die in the ensuing chaos, all of you. I'd love to meet you again. We have much to discuss, and an eternity of pain in which we can discuss it." [sound] — "Do it now, Patryn! Put the Nexus piece in the seal piece and have done with it! If you feel any reluctance, look at your lord! He was more powerful, more intelligent, more cunning than you will ever be-- and he is dead. You cannot do better than he! You cannot defend against me! I command a magic you cannot comprehend! If you attack me, I will change to a form that is impervious to it! Resign yourself, Patryn! Do as I ask or die!" [sound] — "Prepare yourself for oblivion, Patryn!" [sound] — "Now it's your turn, Patryn, unless you decide to be more cooperative than your master." [sound] Tiger-men [image 1] [2]
Tytans [image 1] [2] [3] [4]

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Bolttightner, Limbeck [image]
— "This is one of the sacred places of the Kicksey-winsey-- the broom closet! I'm lucky enough to have this place to work." [sound] — "I'm very sorry; sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me. I'll try to be patient. Please, go ahead, ask me anything." [sound] — "He'll tell you he remembers when the Kicksey-winsey was built, but that was thousands of years ago. I think what he forgets, he makes up." [sound] — "According to some of the older dwarves, everyone used to be able to use magic! They've cast a spell to make themselves glow." [sound] — "Long ago, the Mangers built the Kicksey-winsey, and asked us to care for it. We've done so ever since." [sound] — "No. The Mangers have been gone for many, many years. Some of the young ones don't even believe in them any more. Only stories and legends keep the memory of the Mangers alive." [sound] — "The Sartan? Is that a place? I'm sorry, I've never heard of it." [sound] — "I have to convince my fellow dwarves that these gods aren't what they claim. They've oppressed us for too long. We must break the chains and take back our freedom! (sigh) I'm just not very literate. I can't put my ideas down on paper very well, but I'm determined!" [sound] — "Once my fellows have seen beyond the artificial shining, they will rise up and cast them out! (sigh) I can't figure out how to do that, though." [sound] Dead dwarf (unnamed) [image 1] [2] [3] [4]
Dwarf girl (unnamed) [image 1] [2] [3]
Guard (unnamed) [image 1] [2]
Jarre [image 1] [2]
— "Personally, I liked life without all this divine intervention." [sound] — "Oh my, you're huge! But you're not glowing. Are you a god?" [sound] — "Hello, huge visitor! Try not to trip on anything. It must be hard to keep your balance when you're so far from the ground." [sound] — "Just because someone's a god doesn't mean they have to be impolite, you know." [sound] — "He doesn't quite dislike them; he simply doesn't believe in them. He thinks that these gods have been taking advantage of us. We've been serving them when we were meant to serve the Kicksey-winsey. He says that we've been... 'oppressed.' Mostly he writes speeches. They're supposed to 'enlighten the masses.' He keeps telling people that the gods aren't gods, that he's seen the gods when they weren't glowing. Most dwarves don't believe him. Even I have a hard time but I support him. He's my Limbeck, after all." [sound] — "Of course he's a dwarf! What else would I be sharing my quarters with?!" [sound] Lunkput the Swift [never pictured]
Rockdigger, Grawple [image]
— "Have you looked at your overgrown feet lately? Wrong feet are all you have!" [sound] — "Listen-- I'm sitting under a broken pipe that's dripping black goo on my head, and the gods have commanded everyone to stay away so they can't fix the problem, and you want me to be friendly? Answer all your questions with a smile? Well I'll tell you what, until the Kicksey-winsey is fixed and those gods are gone, I'm not talking to anyone. No questions, no stories, nothing!" [sound] — "There's no pool around here! What are you, blind?" [sound] — "I did get rid of the gods! I sicced you on them! A fine piece of delegation, if you ask me." [sound] — "Wait a second, that's a question! If you're trying to trick me, it won't work. I'm not saying anything!" [sound]

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Ciang [never pictured]
Cook (unnamed) [image 1] [2]
Elf child (unnamed) [image 1] [2]
Elf prince (unnamed) [image 1] [2] [3] [4]
Elf wizard (unnamed) [image 1] [2] [3]
Serving girl (unnamed) [image 1] [2]
Ship wizard (unnamed) [image]

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Brotherhood of the Hand, The
Little People

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Bartender (unnamed) [image 1] [2]
Duke Andrews [image 1] [2]
Guard (unnamed) [image 1] [2]
Hugh the Hand [image 1] [2] [3] [4]
— "The Brotherhood is a guild of assassins. We accept only the most talented killers from every nation. When governments cannot eliminate a target, they come to us. For an incredibly outrageous fee, they receive our assurance that the target will die. The Brotherhood recruits from both races and operates in all of the realms in times of war and peace. It's hard to say when we're busier. The contracts we enter into during peaceful times are equally numerous, though more covert." [sound] — "The membership provides quite a bit to its members. It assigns the contracts, and makes weapons, information, and healing available. For that, the Brotherhood requires a stiff tithe. The alternative is to continue operating without a membership. But now that you have drawn the Brotherhood's attention, we will make sure you don't encroach on our business. Unfortunately, anything you do will probably encroach on our business. Therefore, we will be forced to kill you. I hope that makes your choice clear." [sound] — "What are you doing out of the initiation room?! We don't look kindly on disobedience here, initiate!" [sound] — "I hope you're ready, my friend. Don't worry; if you're truly who you say you are, and have no designs other than joining the Brotherhood, then everything will go fine." [sound] — "It so happens that I'm one of the best. Let me introduce myself. My name is Hugh the Hand. I represent the Brotherhood and I'm currently recruiting new members. I'm impressed by your style. Would you be interested in joining?" [sound] — "What do you want? No cancel that, I don't want to know. All I want is for you to get away from me. I've no time for all of you amateur cutthroats and guttersnipes. Leave me alone." [sound] — "I will be back in an hour or so to proceed with the initiation. Try not to think about the pain involved." [sound] — "An initiate starts out as the Sheathe. Later he becomes the Tip, the Blade, the Crosspiece, the Hilt, and eventually, the Hand. Only one rank is higher than mine and that is the Arm. Ciang currently holds that position, and she has held it for many, many years." [sound] — "An interesting tactic, wizard, but making me uncomfortable won't keep you alive." [sound] Human princess (unnamed) [image 1] [2] [3]
Human slaves (unnamed) [image]
King Stephen [image]
King Stephen's guards [image 1] [2]
Merchant (unnamed) [image 1] [2]
Street rat (unnamed) [image 1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]
Toughs (unnamed) [image]
Trian [image 1] [2]

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Haplo [image 1] [2] [3]
— "You know, Arianus was not a prison. The mensch weren't slaves. Most of their problems were of their own making. Perhaps... the Sartan knew what they were doing?" [sound] — "I am the new artist. Please, don't move. The light is perfect on you." [sound] — "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blow you away." [sound] — "My name is Haplo. I'd shake your hand, but I'm kind of tied up right now." [sound] — "Of course. But I'm going to need two chickens, a rubber band, and a fire-eater. You know where I can get these things?" [sound] — "Where, aren't we a pretty little thing? Is that your doll? What's her name? But don't you love your doll? Woogie moogie toogie! What game are you playing?" [sound] — "Constipation would answer a lot of questions about your personality." [sound] — "Why are you standing around? Aren't you dead?" [sound] — "Eh, I could've taken that dragon!" [sound] — "I'm not going to pay everything I've got for a single drink! Boy, I'd hate to try to get drunk here. I'd be in debt forever!" [sound] — "Prince Edmund placed his faith in me to save his world. That's why he gave me the amulet!" [sound] — "No, I hate the elves! I spit on them. Ptooey!" [sound] — "When is your girl going to show up?" [sound] — "I'm a god! Answer my questions or suffer the consequences!" [sound] — "A god? Of sorts, perhaps." [sound] — "Of course I'm a god! Where are my offerings?" [sound] — "Hey! Grandma! Over here!" [sound] — "I do you a favor, and this is the gratitude I get! No wonder everybody hates Patryns." [sound] — "Oh, well, I hid it for safekeeping. Never can be too careful, you know." [sound] — "Are you hot, or is it just me?" [sound] — "Sounds like he's the product of a little too much inbreeding." [sound] — "Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt. Keep at it." [sound] — "You intimidating presence has overawed me to the point where I've totally forgotten why I came here." [sound] — "But then again, if I did, I probably would've wanted to kill you, too." [sound] — "Take a breath, Limbeck." [sound] — "She wants your wealth. All of it. Now." [sound] — "I'm a Patryn. From the Labyrinth. Your ancestors banished my people there." [sound] — "Why don't you try: 'Roses are red, violets are blue, you're real nice, and I'm stuck on you'?" [sound] — "I'm a ring salesman. Do you like my sample?" [sound] — "Aren't you the same Samah who originally Sundered the world? Who banished my people into the Labyrinth?" [sound] — "You're wrong, Zifnab. One of my missions is to find out where the Sartan disappeared to. If the Sartan are dying off, it's not of my doing." [sound] — "That's right, you Sartan scum! I've personally and single-handedly killed off your entire race!" [sound] — "Could you scratch my back, right here?" [sound] — "Huh... You're kind of scrawny for your age, aren't you?" [sound] — "What. are. you. doing?" [sound] — "That's... a nice... bucket! Would you give it to me?" [sound] — "I'd like to strike you as an intelligent man, but there's a table between us." [sound] — "Alas, poor tiger; I knew you not." [sound] — "This is great, but I'm on the economy tour. I can't spend too long in one place. I've got to be going." [sound] — "Do they normally squash intruders?" [sound] — "Oh, old... Zifnab?... Sure! Known him for years. He's... one of my kind." [sound] — "That flaming Sartan! You know, Zifnab!" [sound] — "Quit fooling around, I know you're Zifnab! Although what kind of name Zifnab is, I'm not sure." [sound] Headman (unnamed) [image 1] [2]
— "Normally when we want to commit suicide, we single-handedly attack the strongest enemies we can find. Never do we put our brethren at risk." [sound] — "What I wouldn't do for a flank of roasted tigerbeast right now." [sound] Tracker (unnamed) [image 1] [2] [3] [4]
Xar [image 1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
— "That should take care of our friend, eh?" [sound] — "I believe that while the Labyrinth has forged us into a harder, stronger race, the Sartan have grown softer in their luxurious realms. They will be no match for us! They will look into our eyes and find the mercy they gave us, the hatred we've kept burning for thousands of years... and their own deaths." [sound] — "Two thousand years ago, our Patryn ancestors warred with the Sartan. We were winning. It was only a matter of time until we defeated the evil sorcerors, took our rightful place as leaders of the world, and freed the other races from their slavery to the Sartan. In desperation, a Sartan named Samah hatched a fiendish plan. He intended to sunder the world into five realsm. Four of these realms would be homes to the mensch races: elves, humans, and dwarves. The fifth is here. The Labyrinth. It was supposed to serve as a prison for our race. They created a magical artifact called the World Seal. With it, they succeeded in Sundering the world. Our ancestors were trapped in the Labyrinth, and the rest of the world was broken into the other four realms. They planned to lord over the realms and administer the Labyrinth as we were 'rehabilitated.' But something happened. They just... disappeared, and with them, all of their 'good intentions.' Without the guidance of the Sartan, the Labyrinth became a slaughterhouse. Its magic made it aware, intelligent. And it wanted our blood. Life was a living hell for our people, but instead of breaking us as the Sartan wanted, the Labyrinth has made us stronger. Many of us have escaped despite the Labyrinth's best efforts. I go back every day to aid others in their way. I only needed to take you a few hundred feet. You even demanded that you cross the Final Gate on your own, without any help, before you passed out. You should be proud." [sound] — "The Labyrinth doesn't mind letting people in; it's letting them out that it doesn't like. I think the Labyrinth has something personal against me. It tries to lure me in as far as possible before it throws everything it has at me. Don't believe that I'm not afraid. Everytime I enter, I wonder if I'll ever return. I've been able to get the best of that demon place many times, but every trip it gets more devious, more dangerous." [sound] — "The Labyrinth was supposed to 'rehabilitate' our entire race. With the Sartan in control, the test that it administered would've been difficult, even violent, but never fatal. The Sartan disappeared and somehow the Labyrinth became sentient. Its magic took on an intelligence. It started to kill us, slowly, but surely. It toyed with us, always gave us just enough hope to keep us fighing. It created environments and monsters that even the twisted Sartan had never dreamed of. But we bested it! We escaped and more of our kind are escaping all the time! But it is a trickle instead of a flood. Most of our race is still trapped inside. If my plans unfolds as I expect, I will free everyone at the same instant, and bring an end to our imprisonment once and for all." [sound] — "Magic is based upon possibilities. The possibility always exists that reality is a certain way. Imagine that a stone wall blocks your path. There is a possibility that a door exists in that wall. A wizard bends this possibility into reality until the door appears. All spells work this way." [sound] — "My son, of course it may appear to be that way. Naturally, the mensch weren't rebelling against the Sartan. According to your own report, the Sartan there are dead. Believe me, if the Sartan had been alive, they would've been grinding the mensch under their heels. We are doing them a favor by removing the Sartan threat forever or confirming its absence and finally taking over the reins of their lives. The Sartan were right about one thing: the mensch do need guidance! They're like children. Listen to your own report; their squabbles are almost laughable. When we finally bring the world together, we shall give them the leadership that they so sorely need." [sound] — "No thank you. It's been touched by mensch, right?" [sound] — "The antics of the mensch have always been beneath notice." [sound] — "You see this city around us? The Sartan made this. They made it for us, if you can believe it, for when we emerged from the Labyrinth. We were supposed to be docile, rehabilitated, brainwashed! Instead, we hate our Sartan jailers more than ever!" [sound] — "I will reform the world, free our people... and bring the Sartan to justice." [sound] — "Are you questioning my tactics? Don't you understand that the threat represented by the tytans far outweighs the importance of the lives of a few mensch? Don't get personally involved with them, Haplo. This is war. There are always sacrifices." [sound] — "This is from the race that consigned you to an eternity of torment! And he asks you for help? Are you seriously considering his plea?! Look at his situation! His people squabble among themselves like mensch! Even now, they are in the throes of a civil war. Naturally he wants you to help him! You represent the greatest threat his kind has ever known! He must not have realized what his amulet would mean to us. But it is our responsibility to take advantage of it! You don't just represent yourself, you are the vanguard for our entire race! Don't let your emotions get in the way of your mission! I'd hate to have to cut it short! Look deep inside yourself, you'll find that you are a Patryn. You were whelped by the Labyrinth in fires of hate, hate for the accursed Sartan that put you there! I can trust you, Haplo, because you are a reflection of me. You are my son, as all Patryns are my children." [sound] — "I call Samah 'the Devil of the Soul.' He was insiduous. Although the Sartan council was theoretically democratic, Samah could talk them into anything. In fact, there was much dissention on the council when the plan was discussed. Many felt that it was too extreme, but Samah thundered right through the contrary arguments. The rest is history." [sound] — "I don't know. I don't think their disappearance was planned. All of their documents indicate that they expected to be around for a long time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. It seems that one day, they just vanished. I have a few theories. It's possible that they did plan to vanish. They might be hiding somewhere in the realms, using the disappearance as a smokescreen to make us careless. When the time is right, they will return with our deaths in their hands. In any case, I take nothing for granted. I must know where the Sartan went to. I must have vengeance. Our people cry for it! Somewhere in the realms, there must be signs, clues! Eventually, we shall discover them, and the trail will lead us to the Sartan. Then, we shall destroy them!" [sound]

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Balthazar [image 1] [2] [3]
— "I'm more powerful than I might appear, my young friend. With age comes wisdom." [sound] — "I have just enough meat on my bones, thank you. Reading is what I enjoy and in doing so I have outlived all of my contemporaries. I wouldn't be surprised if I outlived you." [sound] — "(laughter) That's very good! You come from the Death Gate! Did you get here with fairy magic, on the wings of angels? Ah, it's been awhile since I toyed with the legend of the Death Gate. I'm glad that it's still told wherever you come from." [sound] — "I'd say, how can you possibly know that? Your brain can't distinguish reality from illusion. You are, a higher life from, aren't you-- that's just an assumption, mind you." [sound] — "I'm not dead yet, I'm just old! I hope you look as alive as me when you get to be my age, you whippersnapper!" [sound] — "You're a Patryn! You've come to destroy us! Well you'll find that I'm not quite as helpless as I appear!" [sound] — "Keep it to yourself, my friend. I have no interest in switching places with you." [sound] — "If you were my apprentice, I'd have your hide for such tomfoolery. As it is, I strongly recommend that you desist in throwing magic around like that." [sound] Dead butler (Arimas) [image 1] [2] [3] [4]
Dead nanny (unnamed) [image 1] [2] [3]
Dead worker (Jethro) [image 1] [2] [3]
Gamblers (unnamed) [1]
Kleitus XIV [image 1] [2]
— "Abarrach is dying. There's no way to save it. But you represent a way into new worlds, fresh lands to conquer. After you are dead, your corpse will tell me everything I wish to know. You will help me destroy your own people. Think on this as the poison eats through your body. Guards, remove this trash." [sound] — "Such hostility. What have I done to deserve that? I say that I am your friend, I merely wish to know how I can be of service to you. Are you a refugee? Are there others of you that require assistance?" [sound] — "Greetings, my friend. My name is Kleitus the Fourteenth. I am the dynast of Abarrach, and I rule here. But you probably know that. I'm always pleased to receive visitors. I get so very little. Please, tell me how things are in the outer reaches." [sound] — "I know you, Patryn. Our books talk about your race. We believed them to be legends, but here we have proof. And if you are real, how many more of the other legends could be true? The other realms? The Death Gate?" [sound] — "A Patryn? (laughter) That's very good. They're just legends, you know. They never actually existed. Although, they did theoretically have the same hair and markings." [sound] — "Ah, but I'm afraid it is. I have concern for all of my subjects. Your health and well-being is very important to me. But you know, you don't look like any of my other subjects. You're very different. Foreign. You even speak differently. Who are you? Where are you from?" [sound] — "Patryn. I knew you would be trouble. I should've killed you when I first had the chance. It seems that I have been far too generous lately. I'll have to rectify that." [sound] Prince Edmund [image 1] [2] [3]
— "Hello, my friend. It looks like we're both in the same boat. So much for relying on the hospitality of strangers." [sound] — "My name is Edmund, and I'm the crown prince of Telestia. You couldn't tell I was royalty by the deluxe accomodations?" [sound] — "I come from Telestia, a city on the outer edges of Abarrach. A few years ago, our water supply started to dry up. Balthazar, the royal necromancer, studied the problem and discovered that the colossus was failing. The magic that sustained us for thousands of years was ebbing. We knew that our time was limited. We boarded everyone onto our ships and set sail for the Fire Sea. None of us had been there before, but Balthazar's ancient maps indicated a route. The trip was perilous. What's more, our ships hadn't been used for thousands of years, since we first came to Telestia. By the time we arrived, we had lost many of our people, including the king, my father. Therefore, I became my people's leader. Our intended destination was this palace. We had never seen the palace, or met the 'dynast' that 'ruled' us. Instead of arriving on his doorstep with a few thousand refugees, I decided to leave them in a warren of natural caves that we discovered and come here as an envoy. I thought that Kleitus and I could speak and decide where my people could live. I arrived at the palace alone. He greeted me with open arms and invited me to a banquet. My people have been living on withered cairn grass for months, so I must admit that a banquet sounded appetizing. During the meal, he began to question me. The questions were inocuous at first, but became more probing and less veiled as Kleitus continued. He asked military questions, what was the size of our forces and where were the troops bivouacked... Suddenly, he was sounding less like a benevolent leader and more like a king bent on eliminating any threats to his power or strains on his kingdom's food supply." [sound] Samah [image 1] [2] [3]
— "This 'dog' is no dog. It is a vessel for another's soul. The soul of a Patryn." [sound] — "I have much to say about what you have told me. Your people-- you-- have been wronged. I wish I could change what has happened, but I cannot. It seems that we took on far too much. We thought we were gods, we were infallible. We were not. And both of our races have paid the price." [sound] — "Necromancy was banned for many reasons soon after it was discovered, the most important reason being that when someone dead is raised, someone else will die untimely. This maintains the balance. By relying on necromancy, the people of Abarrach have doomed our race. The magic doesn't recognize the boundaries of the realms. It kills Sartan as far away as Arianus and Pryan. It wiped out thousands. It's actually ironic. The ward that we constructed to repel the magic of Sang-drax must have had the effect of repelling the magic of necromancy as well. It kept us alive against two dangers, but now, we have only hundreds of people left where once we had tens of thousands. We shall try to reconstruct our lives, to help our brethren on Abarrach if there is a world left to live on." [sound] Zifnab [image 1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
— "Something wrong with you? I told you, I'm Bond! James Bond! I don't think this boy's playing with a full deck. (laughter) That's just my cover! You were fooled, huh? Can't blame you; I'm the best in the business." [sound] — "Now here I am trying to give you a warm reception and you're trying to cool me off! I should be doing that to you, ya hot-headed Patryn!" [sound] — "He's my pet dragon. I met him shortly after I came to Pryan. He took a liking to me, so I decided to adopt him. He told me that he embodies 'good' in the Wave. Doesn't make any sense to me. If he's supposed to be the personification of good then he wouldn't be so lazy!" [sound] — "My, my, my... face-to-face with the embodiment of evil. You've had a full day." [sound] — "What did you expect to happen? Without the seal pieces, it doesn't do anything. Unless you were going up there to give a speech; in that case, proceed." [sound] — "Hoohoohoohoo, I wish I had some popcorn! This is going to be some show!" [sound] — "I think Samah sent me a picture postcard that said 'My esteemed leader went to the Vortex and all I got was this lousy postcard.' The picture was really nice, though. It really did this place justice. It must've had, oh, 256 colors." [sound] — "As for Sang-drax, well, he probably won't like you interfering, so he might try to kill you. Don't let that stop you, though! Get in there, slugger, the whole team's behind ya!... Way behind ya." [sound] — "It's always nice to have the side of good rescue you from certain death. Every time it happens to me, I get goosebumps. There's nothing better, I tell you, except maybe a really good pastrami sandwich with extra mayo." [sound] — "Don't leave your junk here! I just cleaned this branch! It may not look it, but this dragon is a slob." [sound] — "Well let's see, I have a piece of microfilm lodged in my inner ear from my smuggling days, but I can't really talk about that." [sound] — "I'd return the favor if I could only remember the right spell. What was it, higher mall? A choir all? Ohhh, someday..." [sound] — "WAKE UP YOU STUPID DRAGON! I've got a bogey at twelve o'clock! Unfriendly fire! Traitor in our midst! Whenever I really need him, does he help out? No, he sleeps! It's enough to make someone go out and get a cat! Well, since you're already in my home, I might as well be hospitable. Coffee, tea, a push off of the branch?" [sound] — "Of course not. Are you inferring that you are evil? That may be important. We might be on the verge of a breakthrough! A few more sessions and we'll be able to make some serious progress on your complex." [sound] — "An impressive sight, don't you think? Hasn't changed a wit since the old days! Actually, after the initial shock of being in another reality wears off, it's kind of boring. There's the horizon that goes on forever, and the sinkhole... that's pretty much it. No continents, no convenience stores, nothing." [sound] — "We took on too much ourselves. We were gods, and we were infallible. I warned Samah that we should wait. There were alternatives. But he didn't listen. He was full of his... dream." [sound] — "I'm Cortex, the Thinking Machine! No, wait a second, that's not it. I knew a moment ago. Ooo! That's right! I'm James Bond, agent 007. I've got a license to kill, so you'd better keep your distance! Somewhere I have a lighter than can obliterate half a continent! ... Either that or take your picture." [sound] — "When you get wounds like that, they stay for dinnah!" [sound]
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