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Utku asked: I am a biggest fan of the Death Cycle Series. I am not reading books after this series believe me and i'm lookin for Patryn Rune Symbols to make some tattoos to my body. Do you have some? If you can help me i will be appriciated.
Unfortunately, we only have clear examples for the Sartan runes, not the Patryn. The Sartan runes are featured in the appendix of Dragon Wing (these are the designs used in this site's logo). The artwork there should be clear enough for a tattoo artist to interpret. Those designs were reused in Hand of Chaos for the art featuring Haplo with tattoos. This was probably an artistic or editorial choice as Haplo wouldn't have Sartan runes! Possible examples of Patryn runes can be seen on the Keith Parkinson's Serpent Mage cover. Look on the sails of the ship. These are not ready for use in tattoos.
Asked: 2013-05-17 | Answered: 2013-10-13

Lisa asked: Do you know where I could get a big poster of painting you use on this website? With the elf dressed in robes and Haplo and the sorceress and the glowing dragon in the gate? It is so pretty.
Yes! "The Hand of Chaos" cover is available as a poster or as a giclee print on the late artist's website, Keith Parkinson Online.
Asked: 2013-Apr-17 | Answered: 2013-10-13

Matt asked: Being a fan for years but only having the paperback editions, I was wondering if the books will be republished as hardcovers. Any news?
The books were originally published in hardcover, followed by the paperbacks several months after each release. You can find copies through used book sources. If first edition/first printing copies are of interest to you, those are available. I haven't heard of any plans to reprint these hardcover editions or create new versions.
Asked: 2011-Dec-29 | Answered: 2011-Dec-29

Naomi asked: Did you create the voices? And the character looks?
No; I'm a fan of the game and series, not one of the creators. You can find out who did the artwork and all of the voices on the Credits & Links page. A few of them also have websites or IMDB listings.
Asked: 2011-12-19 | Answered: 2011-12-26

Morghan asked: I would love to see the explanation of the Patryn Joining Vows that came right after they were written. I can find the vows many places on the web, but nowhere do I find what he said about their meaning. My books grew legs well over a decade ago and our local library is missing that volume.
I'm very sorry for the long delay in answering this, Morghan! For those who don't remember, the vows were featured in Elven Star. They are: "My life for your life. My death for your life. My life for your death. My death for your death."
As for Haplo's explanation, he said that the first part means, "while we live, we share the joy of living with each other." The second part means, "I would be willing to lay down my life to save yours." The third is that "I will spend my life avenging your death, if I can't prevent it." And finally, "a part of me will die, when you do.
Asked: 2011-Apr-23 | Answered: 2011-Oct-26

John Brownlee asked: Is this site defunct?
While I'm definitely slow to update it, I have no intentions of abandoning it. So, maybe that depends on your definition of a "defunct site".
Asked: 2011-Oct-26 | Answered: 2011-Oct-26

Dagaz asked: In the homoerotic character themes, go to fire sea and write about how creepy Balthazar is with Edmund
Ah ah ah, you didn't say "please"! ;) Seriously though, I'm afraid I have no plans to revise those essays, and additions would make revisions necessary. If I did take a closer look at their interactions, I'm sure I'd come up with material.
Asked: 2011-Feb-05 | Answered: 2011-Feb-05

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