These drawings mix original characters with fan works, but the products are all by me. The listed dates are to show when the pieces were completed, mainly as a comparison of how quickly some were drawn in sequence. Digital works were drawn and/or colored with a Wacom Intuos2 tablet, while the mixed works were first drawn on paper before scanning for coloring. Software used includes Adobe Photoshop, openCanvas 3.03, and Painter Classic.
Artwork, original characters, and their likenesses copyright © 2001-2010 Immora and may not be used in part or in whole without permission. Vampire: The Masquerade is a registered trademark of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. Malkavians copyright © White Wolf Publishing, Inc. Tanis Half-Elven, Dragonlance, and all associated characters and their likenesses copyright © Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a division of Hasbro, Inc. Harry Potter and all associated characters owned by J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc.
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  • Crayola marker drawing of a casually dressed redhead. In hindsight, the then-trendy bared midriff didn't age well. So begins my pattern of drawing random unidentified redheads. — February 1999

    Crayola marker portrait of my character E'melok. I had free time after finishing a school art assignment, so I used it to play around with sharp red/green and black/white contrasts. — April 1999

    One night, I broke out my watercolors to paint out some frustration. I enjoy the resulting textures more than the composition. — Early 2000

    I copied an image of Mana from the booklet for the "Gardenia" single by Malice Mizer; I wanted to practice with my Tria markers. I'm certainly not responsible for the composition and what-not as this was copied, but I think I did a good job with my marker technique (with the little net on the hair ornament, whee!) — Fall 2001

    Die, a guitarist for my favorite band, Dir en grey. As with the above, this is an image copied from a photograph with Tria markers. I actually intended to finish it off by doing his hair, but I liked it as is and left it alone. You can see some faint outlines for his unrendered sleeve. — Fall 2001

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon's Makoto Kino, originally drawn with a blue pen and then colored in Paint Shop Pro. I created the image as a sidebar for my former "The Spiffy Sailormoon Page!" site. — November 1999

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon's Sailorsaturn. Like the above, it was originally drawn with a blue pen and then colored in Paint Shop Pro for use on "The Spiffy Sailormoon Page!" — December 1999

    I was fascinated by a light on our Christmas tree, so I opened up Paint Shop Pro and tried to create one. — December 1999

    Ahhh, Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing... A site anniversary present for my sister site, I'd decided to do an Integral picture, and then thought "Hey! Why not as a vampire?" (hence red eyes, clothing, and lack of glasses.) Using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet (and branching out from my usual computer coloring techniques,) I REALLY slaved over this because my back was injured by a bad bed I'd slept in while on a trip. I hurt for a weeks afterwards, so I don't think finishing this picture helped it! This is probably the first entirely computer picture I've done that I feel proud of. — 10:09 PM July 09, 2002

    Raziel is one of my favorite characters (and my favorite in Angel Sanctuary,) so when I decided to give Painter Classic a try with my Wacom, I thought it'd be nice to try him out. I used the pencil tool for the line work, and the watercolors for the coloring. — 4:04 PM August 29, 2002

    The second Raziel picture I did, this time on a white background instead of a neutral one for a lighter look. I don't know why I decided to do a different style on the eyes than the previous picture! Depending on your monitor settings, this may look washed out or too bright. — 6:00 PM August 29, 2002

    The last of that Raziel series, and one that I'm not very happy with. — 11:21 PM October 29, 2002

    Along the same visual theme as the above, this is a portrait of Angel Sanctuary's Katan done as a submission to a now-defunct forum. The facial structure doesn't work at all, but ah well. — 11:15 PM October 16, 2002

    This time, the character is Rosiel, but Painter messed up the coloring after I'd saved it. This was mostly an experiment in portraying Rosiel's crystal-like hair. — 9:04 PM October 20, 2002

    Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, as portrayed with sleeker hair in the movies, in another picture that's more a color experiment than one with a good drawing under it. — 1:55 AM October 28, 2002

    This portrait of Remus Lupin (also from Harry Potter) is perhaps the single drawing I'm proudest of. It took several months to complete it since I kept tweaking it, putting it aside, cursing it a bit, coming back to tweak some more... I'm very satisfied with it. — 9:00 PM March 10, 2003

    Harry Potter's Lucius Malfoy, wasting away in Azkaban. I needed a quicker drawing after doing that Remus portrait. — 3:22 PM March 11, 2003

    A sleeker and much healthier Lucius Malfoy prior to Azkaban, complete with the fan-favorite Jason Isaacs-style black ribbon. — 9:12 AM March 17, 2003

    Inspired by an in-joke, I present the poster concept for the smash musical hit, "Don't Lob Dobby!" — Early 2003

    A portrait of my original character Zaylin, played in TSSE. Along with the Remus picture above, I consider this one of my best pieces. — 9:04 PM April 23, 2004

    Although Rodolphus Lestrange also comes from Harry Potter, this gift art for Sarah Clarke is based on her portrayal of him. The emoticon-style expression is one he commonly demonstrates in instant messages. — 9:11 PM July 30, 2005

    Gift meme art for bluekivrin using the keywords "angst poke," based on the woeful alwayspms (Cho Chang) in the Harry Potter parody game Storge Space. — 7:22 PM January 4, 2005

    Gift meme art for kimby77 using the keywords "figure skating," featuring Luke Skywalker. — 1:12 AM January 5, 2005

    Gift meme art for muffinchan using the keyword "acciohead," a band name invented for the Harry Potter RPG Nocturne Alley. 12:34 AM January 6, 2005

    Gift meme art for shirosenshi using the keywords "the count," as in Sesame Street. — 5:43 PM January 6, 2005

    Gift meme art for akutenshi2007 using the keywords "party monster." — 6:27 PM January 6, 2005

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon's Sailorsaturn, drawn by creator Naoko Takeuchi. I computer-colored the art for use in a "The Spiffy Sailormoon Page!" layout. — December 1999

    The original artwork is by Rick Mays and features David Mack's Scarab. Technically, this is a faux "collaboration" since I didn't actually work with them. — February 2001

    Drawing by Cil Cheung of my character Vanora, with colors by me. — January 2001

    Drawing by Cil Cheung of Blake Lewis's character Arose, with unfinished colors by me. — February 2001

    Drawing by Cil Cheung of my character E'melok, with colors by me. — October 2001

    Drawing by Nilah of her character Naore, with colors by me. — October 2001

    The original artwork is by Kaori Yuki and her studios, featuring Raziel once again. I colored it as a thank you gift to site visitors when I reached 55,555 hits. This is another faux "collaboration" since I didn't actually work with any of them. — 6:45 PM April 6, 2002 — color/texture improved January 7, 2007

    During a pep rally, I borrowed my best friend's clicky pen to do a sketch with its limited color range. — Early 1999

    Similar to the above, this was a pep rally sketch with drying-up markers, limited colors. — Early 1999

    Quick pencil study of a classmate posing in a hat. — Early 2000

    Another pencil study of a different classmate sitting in a desk next to me. She knew I was drawing her, but let me draw her in profile instead of looking at the "camera." — Early 2000

    And another classmate, in a candid sketch from across the classroom. The pencils were soft leads, so I experimented with tissue-smudging them. — Early 2000

    I was inspired by the concept art for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, particularly the "Sith witch" concepts. Since I like pink, I thought I'd see if I could combine the "Sith witch" feel with not-so-Sithy pink. — Mid 2000

    Deadly petite cyborg Alita (original name: Gally) from the manga Battle Angel Alita. — Fall 2000

    Another deadly manga cyborg, though this time she's the tall Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. I was wondering what her cyborg skeleton might look like. The anatomy is fairly horrible. — Fall 2000

    I can't remember the origin of this goat-man and cat-woman picture. Did someone ask me to do it? Was I just bored in class? — Fall 2000

    Sketches of dresses, mixing an ink pen, mechanical pencil, and blue gel pen. — Fall 2000

    Clothing concepts for my character Immora, playing around with flowing fabrics and gems.— Fall 2000

    More clothing concepts for Immora mixed with a random assortment of eyes and noses. — Fall 2000

    Another sparkly clothing concept for Immora, pen with purple gel pen accents. — Fall 2000

    An angel that I sketched during class with a mechanical pencil on computer paper; I was going to make a painting of it to show my condolences for one of my good friends when a girl that was like a sister to him was killed by a drunk driver. The angel would have had her face (I didn't know what she looked like). The wings are awful! Face detail. — October 2000

    An anime-ish rendition of a younger Immora (I borrow my alias from my character). She looks rather nice with the chin-length hair, actually, and I think this is the first time I drew her with the little facial jewels. Not surprisingly when you look at the quality, this a ballpoint pen sketch in a spiral notebook — Fall 2000

    Two random anime-ish faces I drew in a spiral notebook with a ballpoint pen when I was bored in class. — 2000 or 2001

    One time in Spanish, I was bored (surprise!) and covered a paper with a bunch of faces in anime-ish style. Most of these are characters of mine, and some random ones thrown in. I don't expect y'all to identify them though. Materials include a regular ol' ink pen, ballpoint pens in blue, pink, and purple, and pastel gel pens. — January 2001

    More sketches over a piece of paper. Unrelated ones, too! Several characters appear here, but it's not important who they are. Let's see... black ink pen, ballpoint pen, and mechanical pencil. — Spring 2001

    It's unusual for me to draw men since I have very little grasp of how to portray male anatomy. While bored in Algebra, I tried to think of a new outfit for my character Somnium. Never used it. But hey, here's one of the few guys I've drawn. — Spring 2001

    I was experimenting with my new Tria markers and trying to come up with a character design for my Malkavian (that's an insane vampire in Vampire: The Masquerade.) She ended up not looking like this, but wearing the same clothing. — June 2001

    Another Tria marker Malkavian concept. This time, she's blonde and slightly more formal. — June 2001

    This time, the Malkie is done in pencil with Tria colors. The clothing is more like the first sketch, while the hair is Sandman inspired. — June 2001

    A chibi version of Dir en grey's lead singer, Kyo, done with ink on spiral paper during class. — October 2001

    A chibi version of Dir en grey's lead singer, Kyo, as he appeared in the music video of "Ain't Afraid to Die." — October 2001

    A ballpoint lighting experiment featuring X-Men archvillain Dark Phoenix. — October 2001

    Dalamar from Dragonlance, with much fuller hair than I envisioned. — October 2001

    Design concepts for my prom dress, which I designed myself but had made by a local seamtress. I wanted a medieval-influenced look. — Late 2001

    More design concepts for my prom dress, incorporating EGL and medieval influences. — Late 2001

    Speaking of EGL, this is a Mana-inspired Elegant Gothic Lolita girl. — Early 2002

    An unfinished illustration of Harry Potter's Ginny Weasley, much taller than the petite girl should be and with the wrong eye color as well. Colors by Tria markers. — Late 2003

    A quick gift sketch for Sarah Clarke featuring Pintel from Pirates of the Caribbean. — Late 2003

    Experimenting with how to render red hair and side lighting in colored pencil. — Early 2004

    Wow, it's actually another male character sneaking in! The face of Tanis Half-Elven from Dragonlance; his eyes look more wasted than elven though. Ooops. Pencil sketch with computer colors. — May 2001

    A companion (pun intended) to the above, this Raistlin Majere sketch was shared with the Raistland forum-goers back when I visited them. — May 2001

    The face isn't right, but this is the design for my character Vynaran. I got her patchy clothes right, that's what's important! Just imagine the face isn't there... And if you're curious, here's her face with several different hair colors when I was trying to decide which she'd have. Pen sketch with computer colors. — Summer 2001

    Originally sketched on paper, I scanned the picture in to try coloring lines around black clothing. I don't know what kind of swords I thought I was drawing. — Late 2001

    The computer colored version of that Immora face sketch. I was just getting a sense of what colors to use for her, but it turned out making for a rather interesting effect... I like computer colors with sketched lines! The eyes came out particularly nice. Unfortunately, jpeg compression ruins some of the colors. — November 18, 2001

    I scanned a full-length pencil sketch of Mairia, and then improved the anatomy and redrew the clothing in Painter. I couldn't figure out how to make the lower body balance with the detail of the upper body, so I abandoned it. — Late 2002

    Immora is SO fun to design clothing for; no wonder I use her name as my alias. I got the idea for this outfit while I was taking a shower, of all things. As soon as I'd gotten dried and dressed, I sketched this. The face sketch a few down shows better what those little spots on her face are. — March 12, 2002

    So, I was thinking my character Derazial needed a new clothing design, and instead I drew something she would never wear by choice! It's a nice outfit though, she just would never wear a skirt like that. — 11:40 PM March 14, 2002

    And now you can tell what those little spots on Immora's face are; little jewel accents. Her skin is a bit bright, but otherwise I'm satisfied with it. — 1:10 AM March 15, 2002

    A lighting experiment; strong lighting on the sides of his face, shadow in the center. — 1:33 AM March 15, 2002

    Just some pale, brunette girl, down-pitched view with her looking downwards. Strangely, this is my most commonly ripped off and found-through-search-results work. — 1:39 AM March 15, 2002

    I was on a sketching spree and asked Lindsay what I should draw. She told me to do her character named Breeze. So, I did! — 1:45 AM March 15, 2002

    Mairia is a woodsy-type elf that I roleplay, started out on Ultima Online. She's fond of browns and greens, looks nice with her coloring, doesn't it? I can't decide if I should give her pierced ears, and I'm going to see how she'd look with dark green eyes... or perhaps her eyes slightly change with the seasons, since the brown eyes really suit her, as well. — 5:30 PM March 15, 2002

    An elven male character for a fantasy/sci-fi hybrid RPG. — August 2002

    An unfinished concept sketch of a bard for TSSE, intended for a profile page about the class. — September 2002

    An unfinished companion to the above sketch, also for TSSE's website — September 2002

    A bust shot of my friend Jesse's character Desiree; be warned of Barbie-style undress. — September 2002

    Clothing concept for an elven RPG character, Anarvanim, inspired by the Lord of the Rings movies. — October 2002

    Another even more Lord of the Rings-inspired concept for Anarvanim. — December 2002

    Abandoned portrait of another of Jesse's characters; the composition and the likeness were not right. — December 2002

    Rhianwen is a name I've reused a few times for necromancer characters. In this incarnation, she is a fan character for The Death Gate Cycle and a Sartan from Abarrach. — December 2002

    A lavender and sheer clothing concept for Immora. — November 2002

    A blue and red clothing concept for Immora. — November 2002

    A sparkling white and blue clothing concept for Immora. — January 2003

    A sleeveless white and blue clothing concept for Immora. — March 2003

    Clothing concept for Vanora, another The Death Gate Cycle fan character. — June 2005

    Clothing concept for Zaylin in her scholarly mode. — October 2002